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A & G Custom Gun Leather

Al Childress has been for some 40 plus years a gun enthusiast and carried a firearm most of his adult life. He served in the USMC during Vietnam and shot competitively for several years.

A&G Custom Leather Gun Belt Every Day Carry

The gun belt is often the most overlooked piece of equipment for concealed carry.

Al is a Certified Firearms Instructor and an avid reloader. So take it from his experience that he knows guns and the importance of a well-crafted gun belt when carrying a firearm comfortably all day long. That is exactly why his passion is handcrafted gun belts.

One thing that Al began to realize was: The belt is often the most overlooked piece of equipment for concealed carry.

Al’s primary carry has generally been the 1911 although he has carried many other guns over the years in every type of holster imaginable. During that time, one thing became apparent with regard to comfort and that was the holster and belt used. So there began his passion in the design aspect and construction of the holster and belt that were available for concealed carry.

Quality Handcrafted Leather Gun Belts

As the years passed he could see retirement just around the corner and the opportunity to fulfill a dream and my passion for leather and how it related to firearms grew. Thus in 2008, A&G Custom Gun Leather was born. He opened a small shop and started to work. After a short time, he began to see a need for faster delivery while still holding to the handcrafted skill he  wanted to embrace and delivery. After considerable discussion, time and money, and the addition of Tom—a nine-year veteran of leather crafting—AG Custom Gun Leather introduced our “Quick Ship Program”.

Everything in our USA shop is handcrafted, one at a time, and we stand behind our products with our 1 year “no BS warranty”. If you’re not happy with the product – we’re not happy.

If we can help in any way, just let us know.

Good quality, handmade, custom gun belt. The finished product.