Why Choose Us

Craftsmanship. Durability. Performance. Style.

Each handmade gun belt and specialty leather belt is constructed from hides from the finest tanneries available. 

Our Custom Leather Horse Hide gun belts have an outer layer that is 7/8 oz Superior Quality Horse Hide and inner layer is Bull Hide. The belt is double-layered, made in the USA, and exceptionally sturdy.

Our handcrafted leather Bull Hide gun belts are made from 2 layers of  6/7 oz  Bull Hide. 

Horse Hide Gun Belt vs Bull Hide Gun Belt

Horse Hide is a more dense leather than Bull Hide which makes it more resistant to abrasion and moisture and will be a little stiffer than Bull Hide.

Tools of the Trade

Only the finest leather products available on the market are used to craft belts of the highest quality.

The straps are dipped in dye so they absorb the intended color at a more even rate. Then glued and sewn with black or white heavy duty nylon thread.

Each belt goes through a 21 step process of edging (we round the edges of the belt so that it looks dressier), dying, burnishing, sealing, sanding and then to the final coat. Between each step, the belt is wiped down with lambswool and inspected for any imperfections. All of our Keepers are stitched, as well.

We do not dye the liner to prevent dye transfer onto clothing. A good sealer and a top coat and the liner is good to go.

Choose from a large selection of widths, colors, buckles, hole spacing, Bull Hide or Horse Hide, and the length sized to fit you comfortably.

A good quality double layer of 7/8 oz Bull Hide or Horse Hide will support a 36 oz firearm and accessories all day long without sagging. I know—I carry one each and every day and have done so for years. Our belts will not stretch over time and will conform to your body for a comfortable fit.

Ordering is Easy! Our SHOP allows you to customize a quality handmade belt that will feel as if it were made just for you—because it was!

Custom Handmade Gun Belt Color Chart