Black (black thread)
Dark Brown (black thread)
Light Brown (white thread)
We Quick Ship the most commonly requested width (1 ½”) and the 3 most requested colors—Black (black thread), Dark Brown (black thread) and Light Brown (white thread). We realize our criteria is somewhat narrow as far as the selection—but it has to be if we are to ship the next business day. To take advantage of this program, these criteria must be met:
  • 1 1/2″ Bull Hide only.
  • In the above mentioned colors.
  • You can select either a square brass or nickel buckle with matching Chicago Screws.
  • Sizes are 34 to 44 (no exceptions).
  • 5 holes positioned 1″ apart using a round punch or you can select the 7 hole option at 3/4″ apart.
These belts are handcrafted the same way as every other belt in our shop. We created this program so that, if the criteria we set meets your demand, you won’t have a lengthy wait.